As you know, this summer we have been very lucky to have experienced such beautiful weather. This has given everyone the opportunity to sit out in the garden to relax and enjoy the sunshine. However, the heat can have an impact on anyone, but the elderly are at a greater risk of health concerns. Live-in care offers many ways to support your loved ones at home during this summer. 


Elderly people can often struggle to keep themselves hydrated, especially those that are living with Dementia.  Our live-in care will ensure your loved one is getting enough fluids throughout the day and watch for any early sign of dehydration.

Stay protected 

It is important to apply sunscreen regularly and to stay out of the sun between 11am – 3pm – our live-in carers will be available to apply this to avoid any damage to the skin and to prevent the risk of burning.

Prepare ahead 

Ensure to have suitable foods, medication and plenty of water to reduce the risk factors associated with the hot weather.

Dress appropriately

Our Carers can ensure that your loved one is dressed appropriately by wearing lightweight, light coloured, loose fitted clothing.


Certain medicines can have an impact on temperature control, our carers will be able to make a note of this and monitor the amount of time spent in the sun. Also, some medicines cannot be stored above a certain temperature so it is important that this is stored in a cool place. 

Ambient temperature

Preventing hyperthermia begins with controlling the ambient temperature. A live-in carer can monitor the temperature and use fans or air conditioning to keep it at a comfortable temperature.

When our carers attend our 5 day induction training, they will be aware of the factors listed above, and can take these into account. 

If you want to be the reason why our clients stay protected this summer, you can start your application here.


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