“The best part of my job as live-in carer is to provide support, security and the highest quality of care which means clients can stay in their own home.   I love to encourage my client to be as independent as possible, whilst giving them all the support they need.  I am very proud to be part of the Oxford Aunt’s team.”


“It is an honour to help people at a time of their life when they need you the most and add joy to their day. I am very proud to be part of the Oxford Aunts team as a live-in carer – there is so much support and I know the team are just a call or email away.”


“I have been working for Oxford Aunts as a live-in carer since 1997. I love being a carer as I really care for and respect the older generation. I have learnt so much from all the people I have looked after during my time at Oxford Aunts – they are the special generation. I like working for Oxford Aunts as providing high quality care to all of their clients is their paramount focus.

We are a people-centred company and I can stay with a client for a longer period of time allowing for continuity of care which is really important to me. As carers we are able to adapt to our clients changing needs due to the high standard of training and support. Neither client nor carers are on their own – there is always someone available to talk to.”


“Live-in care has enabled me to experience what no other work can. With every new client, I have learnt a myriad of new things. From witnessing some very sad and humbling situations, I hope that I have become a kinder and more compassionate human being. I have had my horizons extended. I have learnt new skills. I have learnt to be adaptable and flexible and to live-in the moment. I have had very enriching experiences working for Oxford Aunts and have met some wonderful people, whilst having the opportunity to travel and follow my interests. Had I still been sitting at that desk in South Africa, these things would never have come my way, and for all of them, I feel privileged and grateful. A big thank you, Oxford Aunts!”


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