According to Age UK, there are 1.4 million chronically lonely older people in England and many more across the rest of the UK, making loneliness a major issue widely recognised in society today.

Maybe you are facing the loss of a life-long spouse or partner which can present feelings of loneliness and isolation associated with bereavement. For many, our families live some distance away and it is not possible for them to visit frequently. Health concerns and issues with mobility and frailty can make it difficult for us to get out alone, increasing feelings of disconnection and loss of independence. Loneliness can have a dramatic and profound impact on our overall health, well-being and quality of life in older age.


At Oxford Aunts, we have a reputation across Oxfordshire for providing companionship live-in care that means you can live well with the right level of care and support – and all in the place you love best, your own home. With live-in care, a dedicated companionship carer can really spend time getting to know you and how you wish to live your life, then offer the one-to-one company, care and support you need so that life has more meaning. This approach simply cannot be achieved in even the very best care home where carers are sharing their time between several residents.

Our carers will come and live with you to provide care and support for a longer period than might be offered by other live-in care providers. We know that this allows a strong relationship and friendship to be formed, as well as a deeper understanding of our client’s care needs, both of which offer consistency and continuity of care. We are very proud of the deep-rooted relationships that are formed between our carers and clients that bring much fulfillment to them both

Your expert companion carer will be focused on helping you to live independently, doing all the things you used to with highly personalised and flexible companionship care. For many, it is the company that matters – a listening and sympathetic ear, a person to share thoughts and feelings with, someone to help us feel reassured or to build our confidence in how we live our lives, and for some, it is about having someone there on hand as and when you need them. Companionship care at home can really help to reduce feelings of loneliness and isolation experienced in later life.


Our high-quality, live-in care service includes:

A perfectly matched carer is there to provide all the companionship you need – as and when you need it. This can involve simply providing company, facilitating and taking part in activities, helping you to maintain hobbies, going away with you on holiday or driving and chaperoning you to appointments or social events. Whilst the carer will be on hand to provide all your companionship needs, they will also use discretion and be very aware when you need your own space.

A care plan will outline all your social interests and preferences and the carer will help you to maintain all your activities and hobbies, both in and out of your home. The carer will support you to continue to feel connected to your family, friends and local community facilitating any social events or gatherings you wish to host or attend.

The carer is trained to proactively and efficiently administer medications to ensure your optimum health and well-being. Many of our clients and carers enjoy cooking together as a shared past time.

The carer will help you to plan your meals according to your dietary requirements, nutritional needs and personal preferences, including cooking your favourite meals and shopping for your groceries.

A dedicated carer will ensure your cleaning regime and domestic household tasks are maintained, so you can live-in your home the way you always have. The carer will help with household administration and will be happy to run errands out of the home.

Personal care or companion assisted care is a broad term used for several tasks to help you maintain your personal hygiene and appearance, including washing, dressing, grooming and toileting. Whilst companionship care is focused on providing company and reassurance, your carer will be trained to deliver personal care should you need it.


You may be surrounded by friends and family but can still feel lonely during specific times of the day. For example at lunch or during your evening meal. Having a live-in carer provide companionship care means you are no longer alone during these times and have someone to share these experiences with, have a chat about your day and plan exciting activities to share.

Reasons to consider a Companionship Carer

  • You live on your own
  • Your family lives a long way from your home
  • You have lost a long-term partner and are feeling lonely due to your loss
  • You now require some light help around the home
  • You are looking for a long-term care package that will evolve as your care needs change

Oxford Aunts is part of a family of home care brands in the UK, including Prestige Nursing & Care, The Good Care Group and Comfort Keepers (Ireland). Through this leading family of brands, Oxford Aunts can offer hourly home companion care services and complex, nurse-led care at home through Prestige Nursing & Care to generations of people, in addition to its established live-in care offering.

Whether it is a baby born with a degenerative condition, a young child with spina bifida, an adolescent who has acquired a brain injury or an older person living with dementia, through to care of those who need palliative / end-of-life care – we provide the right care at the right time, right at home – for all of life.

At Prestige Nursing & Care, we believe that everyone living with a learning disability can lead a happy, fulfilled and healthy life with the right support in place, tailored to their individual needs. As an established provider we have been supporting individuals living with a learning disability to have an improved quality of life in their own homes and communities for over 75 years. We have been trusted by families up and down the country to provide care for all of life, evolving the level and type of care we provide to meet changing needs.


We provide care for those who require companionship care at home as either 24-hour live-in care or as a respite care service.

With a full-time, live-in care arrangement a dedicated carer will live with you in your home providing around-the-clock care and support focused on improving your health and well-being, whilst enhancing the quality of your life. There are many benefits of 24-hour care, not least that the carer will truly get to know you as a person, not just your care needs but they will be on hand to support you to live life the way you wish, with as much independence as possible, whilst ensuring all your wishes are met.

Respite care provides an opportunity for a family carer to take a much-needed break from caring for someone living with dementia, or for you to try live-in care for the first time to see how live-in care works and whether it is the right choice for you in the future.



We have provided high-quality, companionship care services to families across Oxford and beyond for over 50 years. At the heart of our companionship care is enabling people to live well in their own homes with the care and support they need from a carefully well-matched, trained and dedicated carer. Our carers enable a better quality of life for those receiving care, whilst families receive a fully-managed and regulated service that they can trust and rely on.

Experienced and perfectly matched carers

We are very proud of our dedicated carers, most of whom have worked for Oxford Aunts for many years. All our carers have previous care experience before they join us and will be carefully matched working with you and your family to ensure they are able to meet not just your care and support needs, but are closely aligned with how you wish to live your life, sharing common interests and backgrounds. In the rare situation, the match does not work out, we will happily work with you and your family to find the care team that does.

Expertly trained carers

Our industry leading training programme completed by all our carers has been created with leading charities and clinical experts and goes well beyond industry standards. From induction training, into placement and beyond our carers never stop learning new skills that ensure they can deliver the quality care our clients should expect, whilst finding new ways to further enhance the level of care they provide.

A fully managed service provides peace of mind

When choosing a live-in care provider, it is important to consider whether you use an introduction agency, who simply introduce you to a carer who you supervise, pay and manage yourself, or you use a fully managed service provider who does all that for you, whilst ensuring high standards of care are provided to your loved one. Our fully managed and regulated companionship care service offers families reassurance at a time they need it most. Unlike introduction agencies, all our live-in carers are directly employed and managed by us whilst they are caring for you. They are supported by a care management team made up of care experts who ensure they are supervised and supported to provide the high standards of care our clients should expect.

RatedGood’ by the Care
Quality Commission (CQC)

We are proud to be rated ‘Good’ by CQC in all five measures – safe, caring, effective, responsive and well-led. We know this provides families with peace and mind that their loved one is receiving the best possible care.

Unrivalled support near you

We operate throughout Oxfordshire and its surrounding counties. Each regional team is made up of a dedicated Care Assessor local to you who is on hand to provide unrivalled levels of support to you, your family and our carer. They are supported by a Care Manager at our central office who handles all other aspects of care delivery to ensure a quality service is delivered, every time.


Our highly personalised live-in companionship care service includes:

  • Full assessment before care starts
  • Bespoke and flexible care plan developed with input from the family and other healthcare professionals
  • Matching of a the most suitable carer to meet the holistic needs of our clients
  • Dedicated support through a team of two care management experts local to you
  • Meal planning and household tasks
  • Social and lifestyle enhancement.
  • Out of hours and emergency support – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week


Call our friendly and approachable team today to see how our home companion care can help you and your family.

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