There are countless benefits to having a high-quality live-in care service when compared to moving into a care or nursing home, or receiving hourly/visiting care in your own home provided by a domiciliary care agency.


Care focused on you, as and when you need it

One-to-one care just cannot be provided in any care home setting. One carer will typically be looking after 4-6 other residents, with very different needs so cannot solely focus on you. Whilst a visiting home carer can provide one-to-one care, the time they are afforded when they visit does not always allow for the level of care you will receive with live-in care. A live-in carer will be flexible to your needs and wishes, promoting independence, dignity and choice.

Choice over how you live life

With live-in care you will have a tailored plan of care that is designed to meet not just your care needs but will address your lifestyle preferences and choices. Care homes will attempt to achieve a level of personalisation, however you will be governed by set routines and timetables that you will need to adhere to, eliminating choice over daily tasks, for example when you eat your breakfast or wake up in the morning.

Complex care is better delivered at home

Specialist care of conditions provided by highly trained carers delivered in the comfort of and familiar surroundings of your own home, with established routines is paramount in helping those living with conditions, like dementia. It is very difficult for visiting carers to provide the level of care required to support complex care, as they will be visiting several other people during the day so visits are typically short.

No upheaval and upset of leaving home

With live-in care there is no need to move out of your beloved home, with all the worry and disruption that it brings. In the majority of cases the family home will need to be sold to fund care home fees.  With live in care your home can be kept in the family where it should be. Staying at home means you can keep control of your life, with all your treasured memories and possessions around you.

Stay together as a couple

Most care homes are unable to accommodate couples in one room and in many cases, you will have different needs that may need to be cared for in different parts of the home. With live-in care for couples you can stay together whilst receiving the care you need as individuals, but as a couple – and all in the comfort of your home.


There are many live-in care benefits including the ability to choose what to eat and when to eat. In a care home environment, mealtimes follow strict timetables and you may not have much choice in the food being provided. With live-in care, our carers can plan and prepare healthy and nutritious foods based on your own preferences. Our carers will also be more than happy to encourage and support you in building or maintaining healthy habits.

Reduced infection rates

As a resident of a care home you are unfortunately more likely to have a fall or be admitted to hospital than if you were receiving one-to-one care at home. Reports also suggest that infection rates are rising in care homes, where a lack of mobility puts you at higher risk of pressure sores and urinary tract infections (UTIs). With live-in care provided by a trained and experienced carer you are more likely to avoid unnecessary hospital admissions.

Care homes present a greater risk of Coronavirus transmission given the number of touch points in the home environment and the number of people involves in your care. Live-in care is the safest type of care during the Coronavirus pandemic as infection risk is hugely reduced given you will have one carer looking after you and your home is a controlled environment that presents significantly less risk.

Your pet stays with you

If you have a much-loved pet, it is unlikely you will be able to take this into a care home. A live-in carer will help support with pet care and if you have a dog will even take them for a walk – a visiting carer will not have time to do this during a visit to your home.


One of the benefits of live-in care is that family members can have greater input in a person’s care plan. It is easy to stay informed and in touch if you are familiar with the one or two carers looking after your loved one. Care homes often follow rigorous schedules and routines, making it difficult for family members to have much input in the care being provided.

Cost comparable to other types of care

The cost of live-in care is comparable to that of a quality care home. In many instances it is less and for couples it is a very cost-effective option. Couples will generally be charged double for two rooms in a care home in addition to two packages of care. If you have lived in your home for many years a move into a new environment at this stage in life can be very distressing and you will certainly need to sell your home to fund your care fees.

If you are receiving visiting care from a domiciliary care agency, depending on the number of hours you need, live-in care could be considerably cheaper overall. As needs increase the hours you need will also increase and when overnight care is needed too, live-in care can be very cost effective. Live-in care also has the added benefit of a continuity of 24-hour care from a dedicated carer who really gets to know you. If you need care of a complex condition a domiciliary care agency may charge additional costs for specialist support in addition to the visiting carer fee.

Find out more about live-in care costs.

Stay connected to your community

Continuing to be part of the local community you have loved, for what might have been many years is important to most later in life – friends you socialise with, shops you love, hobbies you have and local groups you attend are all part of how you wish to live your life and local surroundings provide reassurance and familiarity. Whilst you may decide to move to a care home in your local community, it is impossible for a care home carer to help you to maintain your community activities as they cannot leave the care home to support you given you are not the only person they are caring for.

Reassurance for all the family

The benefits of live-in care can have a profound effect on your health, well-being and quality of life which also provides reassurance to family members who want to know you are receiving the very best care, whilst getting the most out of your life.


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