At Oxford Aunts, we understand what a worrying and unsettling time it is as we adjust to a ‘new normal’ and live alongside the risks that Coronavirus presents in our local communities.  Given that scientific evidence has shown that those over the age of 70 are at greater risk of contracting the virus, we have been providing increasing levels of support to our clients to ensure they are safe and well during these unprecedented times.

Live-in care is the safest form of care during the pandemic.  As we have seen in the care home sector, risk of transmission is exacerbated given the number of touch and contact points in a care home environment, as well as the volume of interactions.  We are pleased that since the pandemic began and lockdown guidance came into effect, we have not had any Coronavirus outbreaks in any of our clients’ homes.   Our clients continue to live safely and healthily in the comfort of their own home, with carers who are dedicated to improving their health and well-being.

We will continue to monitor the situation in line with Government guidance and ensure our team is fully and regularly briefed on what is required. Oxford Aunts is part of The Good Care Group, a leading provider of live-in care services in England and Scotland so we are able to draw upon their resources at this time and share knowledge and best practice in light of the pandemic.

A few words from our General Manager, Louise Joslin: “No one could have predicted that we would be thrust into a pandemic.  For care providers,  it has also provided its very own set of specific challenges. I have been relieved to be focussing on live-in care as it has proven to be, certainly for us, the safest method of delivering care to our clients.  At the time of writing, we remain Covid-19 free amongst our clients and carers, which is not only reassuring, but also a testament to our carers who made the decision way before we even broached the question, to effectively lockdown with their clients.  I am so very proud of the way our carers and our support team have worked together for the benefit of our clients and their families.

Each and every member of the Oxford Aunts support team has made a contribution, whether has been to provide safe methods of transport, offering accommodation, shopping for food and other necessities, ensuring that our clients and carers well-being was at the forefront of all they have done.

Working with our sister company, The Good Care Group, we have been able to stay close to all the changes and advice coming from the government and via Public Health England, disseminating and working out ways to ensure that we both operate within the guidance and also help our clients and carers to understand what this has meant for them. This continues to ensure we understand all implications and requirements of Covid-19 and how we can safely play our part.

As members of the UKHCA and the Live-in Care Hub we are being supported as are other members during this time to help us operate effectively throughout the pandemic.”

If you have any questions about the care of a loved one or family member during the pandemic read our Coronavirus FAQs.


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