The value of partnerships

At Oxford Aunts we work closely with providers of home care services and other organisations involved in providing services to those requiring long term care, including domiciliary care agencies, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, solicitors and independent financial advisors. These relationships with trusted partners enable us to support our clients to live well in the comfort of their own homes with all the services they may need.

A collaborative approach that delivers quality care and support

When we are contacted by someone looking for a care service, we adopt a supportive role in making sure they have the information they need, even if we are unable to provide the exact service they require. Through close collaboration with our partner organisations, whose approach to service quality matches our high standards, we are confident to provide information about our partners services – this means our partners receive a positive referral and the person seeking care gets support and guidance at a time they need it most.

Our approach is straightforward. We work in a proactive and responsive way to achieve mutually beneficial objectives that ensure a high-quality service is delivered to our clients. We aim to achieve successful outcomes, not only for our clients, but our businesses. Collaboration is key to success and we work together in an open way to review each service, so we continually improve what we do in terms of service delivery and partnership working.

We require the following from our trusted partners:

  • Provide a second carer to support our professional carer in a client placement where a person is living with extensive moving and handling needs
  • Carer relief to enable our dedicated carers to take their daily breaks
  • Support for unexpected client illness or a sudden emergency
  • Night-waking cover

What we ask of you

Through our partnership arrangement we ask in return that if you have a client who needs 24-hour live-in care that you refer your client to Oxford Aunts. You may already offer 24-hour live-in-care as part of your service offering, however there may be times when you need support from another provider, like Oxford Aunts – for example when a client presents with complex needs that you may not be able to serve, or you need rapid discharge home from hospital for a client, but do not have a carer readily available.  As part of our partnership you can make a referral to us to ensure your client gets the care and support they need, as and when they need it.

Find out why our clients choose Oxford Aunts.

Referring is better for your clients and your business

Expertise in our field

Our carers supported by our multidisciplinary team have expert knowledge of complex conditions, such as dementia and Parkinson’s and provide a consistent approach to monitoring and managing care to ensure clients live a better quality of life whilst improving health outcomes. We deeply understand the conditions our clients are living with and carers are highly trained to meet not just their care needs, but they adopt a holistic approach ensuring our clients are able to live well with a better quality of life.

Retain your clients

If we do start to provide live-in-care for one of your existing clients, we will encourage the client to continue with your hourly service to cover our carers daily break if required. If the client does not need break cover initially, but this situation changes we will refer the client back to you and not another provider. This ensures you have a continued revenue stream for hourly care.

Efficient hospital discharge

If your client is in hospital awaiting discharge and their needs mean they require short term care to recover or rehabilitate, our team will work with you and healthcare professionals involved to facilitate a speedy discharge, whilst ensuring a comprehensive plan of care is in place. We offer a respite package from two to eight weeks, which ranges from a care and support package, through to specialist care of complex needs. Your client does not need to go into a care or nursing home to receive this type of care and support.

Clients recover in the comfort of their own homes

It is widely recognised in the medical profession, that people recover more effectively with reduced complications when cared for in their own home. With our fully managed service and around the clock care and support there is less chance of readmission to hospital providing total reassurance and peace of mind.

A multidisciplinary approach

We work collaboratively with health care professionals, charities and other organisations in the communities in which we operate to share best practice, raise awareness of choice and appropriate pathways that deliver better outcomes for those who need care and support.


Make a partner referral or call our team today to discuss how we may work together to ensure high-quality care delivery.

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