We know how concerned our client’s families have been about their loved ones during the Coronavirus pandemic. Lockdown restrictions, shielding and social distancing measures have all played their part in the level of concern you have, which for many of you has meant you may not have been able to see your loved one or family member for some time.  Together with a very uncertain future, we know how valuable support is during this time.

At Oxford Aunts we have been working closely with all our families to help alleviate their concerns so they can feel content that we are managing our response to the Coronavirus pandemic effectively and efficiently and their loved one continues to receive the high-quality care they should expect from a dedicated carer.

Since the outbreak of the Coronavirus in the UK we have provided regular, and at least weekly updates to our families by email on our response to the pandemic. We are committed to making sure our families know when any changes to our operations need to be made to ensure we are meeting Government guidance.


Our Care Managers and Care Assessors local to you are providing increasing levels of dedicated support to reassure families throughout the crisis.

Our carers have been facilitating socialisation enabling family connections to continue where it is safe to do so following Government guidance.  We have enjoyed hearing the heart-warming stories about family members being able to see their loved ones again as lockdown restrictions eased in the early summer.

The care management team has been proactively supporting carers through this time to make sure they are considering their own well-being, so you can be assured they will continue to provide the high-quality care they always have.


Call our friendly and approachable team today to see how we can help you and your family.


100th Birthday – Celebrating the Special Moments With Home Care

100th Birthday – Celebrating the Special Moments With Home Care


Home care gives you the opportunity to build lasting relationships and to celebrate the magnificent milestones in your life. Marking your birthday in your later years can be a deeply meaningful and special occasion. You can decorate your home and have one of our caregivers accompany you to celebrate the special day. Karsh, Care Manager shares:  “I have some delightful photos to share, as one of our clients recently  turned 100 years old and, rightly so, was guest of honour at the Village Lunch Club to celebrate this fantastic occasion. As you can see, many birthday gifts were received and of course the King and Queen took pride of place in the huge display of cards.” Our carer felt privileged
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Introducing our new model for dementia care – ‘EVER’

Introducing our new model for dementia care – ‘EVER’


Oxford Aunts is excited to announce the launch of our new model for dementia care, ‘EVER’. This has been uniquely developed by Admiral Nurse, Dr Jane Pritchard and Occupational Therapist, Jackie Cooper, who are part of our Specialist Clinical Team and both have a breadth of knowledge and experience in the industry to develop an innovative model, that is a representation of the exceptional services we provide. We take pride in being amongst the select few of care providers to develop their own dementia care model, and is a testament of our commitment to delivering unrivalled dementia care throughout Oxford and its surrounding counties, to the people we care for and their families. Dr Jane Pritchard shares: “I’m very pleased
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