At Oxford Aunts we are a community that cares.  With events back on the calendar there is no better way to raise awareness of what we do than by attending community events.  That’s why we are attending the Marlow May Fayre and the Headington Festival.  

After 2 years, we are very excited to bring people together again by participating in events to raise money for local charities and increase awareness on becoming Dementia friendly. Community events also provide us a great opportunity to hear individuals’ experiences within the local community and to use our expertise to answer any questions they may have.

Shila Odedra – Head of Business Development & Client Services shares what each day involves:

Marlow May Fayre – 7th May

“We are proud to be attending the Marlow Fayre again with our sweet and chocolate tombola and raising money for the Making Marlow Dementia Friendly (MMDF) project, run by the Marlow Bridge Rotary Club. We will also be there to offer support for local people who might need guidance regarding any type of care options or indeed more information about dementia”.

Headington Festival –  29th May

“We last attended the Headington Festival in 2019, and are thrilled to be able to support the event again this year with our sweet and chocolate tombola, raising money for St Luke’s hospital, Headington. Again, we will also be there to offer support for local people who might need guidance regarding any type of care options for elderly care”.

At Oxford Aunts we are all about togetherness, so when you choose us you will be supporting people to stay happily in their local communities. If you’re interested in joining our team and want to find out what it is like working for us, then we would love for you to pop along and meet the team!


At Oxford Aunts our mission is to provide high levels of support to our clients, their families and carers. This is achieved through recruiting skilled carers who share our compassion and kindness, who can respond positively to the needs of others. Our job is to ensure we recognise each individual for the exceptional work they do as they work incredibly hard to support our clients to stay in the homes they love.

On Friday 1st April, we attended the Home Care Awards 2022. This was a big day for Oxford Aunts as we were nominated for awards across three categories:

  • Team support expertise
  • Recruitment, retention and staff motivation expertise 
  • Live-in care expertise

Receiving recognition alone, in all three areas, meant the world to us and we are so proud of the hard work and determination our team shows everyday. They love what they do and thrive off achieving great results which all contributed to us winning a high commendation for Recruitment, Retention and Staff Motivation Expertise.

As well as winning an award, it was a great opportunity to network and catch up with colleagues and peers after so long.  It provided us with the chance to hear other stories, celebrate the achievements across homecare and feel connected. 

Louise Joslin – General Manager says 

“The Birmingham National Conference Centre was a great venue, with good Covid measures, it also offered space so that we didn’t feel on top of each other.  

The event was hosted by Alan Dedicoat who used the right amount of humour with some great commentary on the achievements of the organisations in the room.

I never attend awards ceremonies thinking that we will win anything as I have never been lucky with prizes! However, this time was different and we came away with a High Commendation for Recruitment, Retention and Staff Motivation expertise.  I honestly couldn’t have been happier as this has been a crucial aspect of Oxford Aunts in the last couple of years and such a lovely recognition of an aspect of our service that we take so very seriously. The sun was shining as I arrived and was still shining when I left to head back for Oxford. A positive omen and a great way to spend a Friday after another very busy week”.

If you would like to be a part of a reputable company, then apply now by following the link 



We are delighted to announce that we have been nominated for several awards at the Home Care Awards 2022! It is brilliant to receive industry recognition for all the hard work that our carers carry out and the level of care that we provide. 

The three categories we are nominated for are: 

  • Team support expertise
  • Recruitment, retention and staff motivation expertise
  • Live-in care expertise 

Louise Joslin, General Manager, commented 

“Like many care providers, the last couple of years have been challenging for Oxford Aunts. It just feels so uplifting for the team, carers and clients to see that we have made finalist positions in three categories for Team support expertise, Recruitment, retention and staff motivation expertise and Live-in care expertise.  No matter whether we win or not, just making finalist is a wonderful achievement and I am delighted for our business.” 

The lunchtime award ceremony is due to be held at the National Conference Centre at lunchtime on the 1st April. This will be a live event, hosted by Alan Dedicoat, where the Winners and High Commendations will be announced. The venue is the National Conference Centre, Bickenhill B92 0EJ, close to Birmingham International station.

For more information on how Oxford Aunts can help provide live-in care services, please call 01865  791017 or visit https://www.oxfordaunts.co.uk/contact/



Case Study: Mrs S Dementia Care

At Oxford Aunts, our Live-in Carers look after clients with a range of conditions including dementia. Dementia care forms an integral part of Oxford Aunts’ service. 

Oxford Aunts were called upon to assess a lady, Mrs S, who had been self neglecting, sleeping all day and was living in a disorganised home. Her family felt that domiciliary hourly care was not enough for her needs and 24 hour care would most suit Mrs S’s circumstances. The family requested an assessment from Oxford Aunts. Mrs S was assessed and matched with an Oxford Aunt, who not only could deliver the high quality care she required but would also provide much needed companionship.  Mrs S was matched with Live-in Carer Cecilia and they quickly bonded over a shared sense of humour. Upon the 4 week review, Mrs S was washed, engaging in the world around her, her house was organised and she had gained weight she had previously lost. 

The change in Mrs S was significant and outstanding. Oxford Aunts have continued to support Mrs S for five months now and she enjoyed a very happy Christmas Day with her family and a relaxing Boxing Day with the Oxford Aunt who prepared the client’s favourite meal for them both, fillet of beef with all the trimmings. 

If you know someone whose circumstances have changed and now require live-in dementia care, please contact Oxford Aunts client services team today. 



With the English nation back in lockdown until Thursday 3rd December, it is important to ensure your elderly loved ones are safe. Oxford Aunts has outlined some simple steps you can take to support them. Read More

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