Coronavirus FAQ’S

We know that you may have many questions about our service and response to the Coronavirus, so here we answer the most frequently asked questions. However, if you have a specific concern during this time, please contact your dedicated Care Manager or Care Assessor local to you who are there to provide support and guidance as we adjust to the ‘new normal’.

Oxford Aunts is part of The Good Care Group, a leading provider of live-in care services in England and Scotland, so we are able to draw upon their resources at this time and share knowledge and best practice in light of the pandemic. We have therefore had a robust Coronavirus continuity plan in place since the beginning of 2020. This is continually reviewed in line with Government guidance so our service meets regulations and compliance. This means our clients and our carers are kept safe and well, whilst being vigilant to the risks the Coronavirus presents.

Our dedicated carers are adopting social distancing measures and are using face coverings in line with Government guidance. PPE is used during handover from one carer to another in a client placement to minimise infection risk. Risks are significantly reduced with our service as carers will spend longer periods of time with their clients compared to other live-in care providers, anything from two weeks to several months or more. Carers adopt a proactive approach to hygiene whilst supporting their client including regular surface cleaning around the home and frequent hand washing.

Absolutely.  Live-in care is the safest type of care during the Coronavirus pandemic given the increased infection risks presented in hospital and residential care and nursing homes.  The Oxford Aunts team will work with hospital discharge planners to understand your mother’s needs and will conduct a thorough assessment in hospital prior to discharge.  We will then confirm the most suitable package of care to meet her needs, find a perfectly matched carer and support with the transition back home.

All our carers understand that if they become unwell at work, they must report this to their Care Manager immediately. The Care Manager will work with you to understand the best approach going forwards, which will typically be for the carer to leave the placement to have a test and self-isolate in accordance with Government guidance. At Oxford Aunts we have a pool of carers who we can draw upon to ensure a replacement carer is put in place to ensure you have continuity of care for your father.

At Oxford Aunts we understand how challenging it has been for all of us since the pandemic started and how adapting to changes in the way we live our lives has impacted our wellbeing. Older people may have had to spend many months feeling disconnected from the outside world and from their loved ones and family members. Our dedicated carers are very creative and have been facilitating many activities, including family gatherings either using online technology or in person, whilst respecting social distancing. Simple activities like a weekly family quiz have really boosted the mood of our clients, as it gives them something to look forward to that ensures they are connected to those closest to them. The focus of the care we provide has always been to ensure our clients enjoy life, live well and have improved health and wellbeing.

If a client experiences symptom of Coronavirus, we have a robust process in place to manage and control risk, whilst ensuring our clients are supported to get tested or can access any medical services they may need. The carer living with your father will immediately contact their Care Manager, who will report the case to the central office leadership team. We will then contact you and any other family members you wish us to notify. We will then support our carer to get tested. Despite our carers having their own families, we have been overwhelmed by the dedication of many of them who have been happy to self-isolate with their client to ensure they are safe and well whilst test results are obtained.


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