How We Promote Dignity in Care

When providing care to vulnerable people, there is nothing more important than treating them with respect and dignity. Dignity is recognising the value of each person as an individual and treating them with empathy, compassion and respect at all times.

At Oxford Aunts, dignity and respect are at the heart of our live-in care services. Since 1967, we have proudly cared for thousands of people enabling them to stay safely and happily in the comfort of their own homes whilst receiving the care they need.

The care we provide is person-centred and highly personalised to ensure our clients can live well in any way they wish. Our compassionate and experienced carers are focused on providing care that promotes choice and independence with all the support needed.

Here we provide insight into how our carers promote dignity throughout all our home care services.

Why is it important to promote dignity in care?

Everyone deserves to feel safe and respected in their own homes. In order for them to feel this way, carers must support the self-respect of their clients, recognise their capabilities and not engage in behaviours that undermine them.

Carers are often tasked with supporting vulnerable people that may not always be able to advocate for themselves. This is an important responsibility for carers that requires them to prioritise the safety and well-being of their clients.

If people feel as if their identity and value as a human is not being respected, it can prevent them from living well and enjoying the benefits of home care. Although some methods of upholding dignity may seem small and insignificant, they can mean the world to the people we care for by allowing them to feel valued and respected.

How we promote dignity in care

According to the Social Care Institute for Excellence, there are eight factors to dignity. In accordance with these principles, here are some examples of the ways our professional carers promote dignity in care.

Encouraging choice and control

Our carers are there to support our clients in living their preferred lifestyles. This means our carers won’t ‘take over’ but rather allow our clients to make as many decisions for themselves as they are willing and able to. Allowing people to maintain this choice and control over their lives allows them to feel empowered and encourages positive self-esteem.

For example, whenever appropriate our carers involve their clients in all aspects of daily decision-making such as what to wear, what they would like to eat or how they would like to spend their afternoon.

Another aspect of choice and control is involving clients in decisions directly related to their care. This could include decisions about their medication, their care team and their dietary requirements or preferences. We know from our years of experience in providing expert home care that including people in decisions involving their care allows them to feel valued and respected.

Communicating with respect

Speaking respectfully and listening carefully is at the heart of respectful communication. No one likes to feel patronised or spoken to as if they are a child. Our carers use a respectful and amiable voice when speaking to clients to ensure our clients feel respected and heard.

Communicating respectfully with clients includes always addressing them by the title or name they would like to be addressed by. This is particularly important for older adults that may have certain expectations about how people should refer to them.

Preparing food that is tasty and well-presented

Mealtimes are the highlight of the day for many people, so it is important to take time to ensure the meals provided look appealing and tasty. When creating meal plans, our carers always take into consideration the preferences and wishes of our clients. Whenever possible, our carers buy quality, fresh ingredients and ensure that the food is well-presented.

Our carers never rush their clients at mealtimes. They make sure their clients have enough time to enjoy their meals before clearing the table. Our carers also ensure they are respecting the wishes of their clients as to whether they would like to eat alone or with company.

Providing discreet and sensitive personal care

For many people, personal appearance and hygiene are integral to self-esteem. When a client requires support to maintain their personal care routines, our carers are there to assist them with as much dignity and respect as possible.

We recognize that many clients may feel uncomfortable or self-conscious when receiving assistance with sensitive personal care routines such as washing or bathing. In order to maintain dignity, our carers always ask for consent and explain exactly what they are doing to promote involvement.

Our experienced carers understand that personal boundaries are different for everyone and they work with their clients to ensure their personal care needs are met in a way that is comfortable to them.

Respecting privacy and personal possessions

Respecting the privacy of our clients is of the utmost importance. This includes respecting a client’s home, space and belongings. For example, our carers will never enter a client’s room without knocking or go through their personal possessions.

Even while cleaning, our carers respect the space and possessions of their clients by asking them if it’s okay to move their items while they clean. This simple act of asking people first makes them feel respected and instils trust.

Our carers also never share personal information about our clients with anyone other than their care team or other medical professionals, when appropriate. By maintaining this trust, our carers establish a stronger relationship with their clients leading to a more enjoyable experience for all involved.

Social inclusion

For many older people, health concerns and issues with mobility and frailty can make it difficult to get out alone, leading to feelings of disconnection and loneliness.

Our dedicated carers take the time to really listen and interact with their clients whilst showing interest in what they have to share. By getting to know their clients and their needs and preferences, our carers offer highly-personalised companionship, care and support so that life has more meaning.

While our carers are there to provide companionship and emotional support, they never breach personal boundaries or preferences. This includes giving our clients privacy and space when they request it.

Recognising pain

Despite being at an increased risk of experiencing pain, some older people are less likely to complain about pain or ask for medication. Our carers receive specialised training in how to detect pain and how to manage pain symptoms. Restlessness, social isolation, and avoidance are just a few examples of behaviours our carers look for that may indicate pain.

By building a relationship based on dignity and respect, clients often become more willing to share when they are feeling pain or other distressing symptoms.

Exceptional & reputable live-in care

Oxford Aunts has established a reputation for high-quality, live-in care throughout Oxfordshire and its surrounding counties. We have helped thousands of families and enabled them to live well at home with the support of an experienced, trained and dedicated carer.

With our live-in care services, one of our experienced carers will come and live with you in your home to provide you with the care and support you need to carry out everyday activities – all with as much independence, choice and dignity as possible.

We are very proud of the high standards of care we are renowned for. Our approach to person-centred care is guided by the values of dignity, professionalism, reliability and respect that are evidenced in everything we do. All our dedicated carers are recruited against these values to ensure they have the characteristics necessary to provide the very best care to our clients.

We take immense pride in the high levels of support we provide our clients, their families and our carers. Our focus is to provide reassurance and peace of mind every step of the way, listening to our clients and responding positively to their needs.

What’s included in our live-in care service?

  • A comprehensive assessment that will address not just your care needs but how you wish to live your life
  • Careful matching of an experienced and dedicated carer who will meet all your needs
  • A highly-tailored care plan created using a multidisciplinary approach in consultation with other healthcare professionals and community organisations
  • Unrivalled support from a team of care manager experts local to you
  • Support with domestic and household tasks including cooking and meal preparation, light household duties, laundry and pet care
  • 24-hour emergency support, should you need it

Talk to us about your live-in care needs

Call our friendly team today to see how we can help you and your family. Our expert care advisors are here to help you understand the options available to you.


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