How Is Medication Recorded By A Live-in Carer?

A MAR chart is a working document used to keep track of all the medications a person takes. By keeping clear, accurate and up-to-date records, a live-in carer can help keep your loved ones safe.

When a carer administers medication, it’s important that everything is recorded correctly. Keeping a close eye on all medication taken is vital for preventing unpleasant side effects, dangerous medication interactions or overmedication.

What is a MAR chart?

A medication administration record (MAR) chart – sometimes referred to as a MAR sheet – is a printed or electronic chart used to record the administration of medicines.

In order to be effective and accurate, all the medications a person takes must be included; whether they are prescribed by a GP or taken over the counter. Each MAR chart lasts for a month before being replaced by a new one.

Some of the information found on MAR charts includes:

  • What medication the individual is prescribed
  • When the medication must be taken
  • What the dose is
  • Specific instructions, such as if medication must be taken with food

Any other important information should also be included such as if the individual did not take their medication or if they experienced any side effects.

Can a live-in carer administer medication?

An experienced and compassionate Oxford Aunts’ live-in carer can administer medication, but only if the client’s care plan explicitly says they should do so.

If for any reason one of our clients feels unable or unwilling to administer their own medication, they may opt for their carer to administer their medication for them.

All of this will be discussed during the initial assessment and before care commences, the guidelines for administering and managing medications will be clearly set out in the comprehensive care plan.

Our carers are experienced in the administration and management of medications and will closely comply with the care plan and MAR chart for safe administration.

What type of medication can a live-in carer administer?

Our dedicated carers receive comprehensive medication training that includes how to correctly use a MAR chart and how to administer a variety of medications. All of our carers can confidently assist with non-complex medication such as:

  • Tablets and liquids
  • Creams
  • Ear or eye drops
  • Inhalers

Many of our carers can also perform delegated healthcare tasks under the supervision of our expert care managers including:

  • Continence care
  • PEG feeding

Our live-in carers are also trained in the specialist care of complex conditions including dementia, Parkinson’s and multiple sclerosis (MS).

How Oxford Aunts live-in care can help

For over 50 years, Oxford Aunts has provided expert live-in care services throughout Oxfordshire and its surrounding counties. We are proud to have cared for thousands of people enabling them to stay safely and happily in the comfort of their own homes, whilst providing much-needed peace of mind for their families.

We know the importance of properly managing medications in our later years. Each of our experienced carers will proactively monitor and administer medications, ensuring they are effectively managed. They will also ensure that any prescription you require is ordered and collected as and when you need it.

An Oxford Aunts’ experienced and dedicated carer can also provide a range of other services in the comfort of your home including sensitive personal care, help with domestic tasks, safe mobility around the home and companionship and emotional support.

Do not hesitate to contact us to learn more about the life-enriching benefits of live-in care.

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