What is Respite Care?

Respite care is a short-term type of care that gives family members and caregivers a welcome break from their caregiving duties while a professional carer looks after their loved ones. This allows family carers to rest, relax and catch up on personal affairs so they can get back to their loved ones feeling rested and recharged.

It is far less disruptive and unsettling for your loved one to receive respite care in the comfort of their home rather than endure the upheaval of leaving their home even for a short time. This can be incredibly upsetting for someone in their later years, particularly if they are living with a condition like dementia where comfort and familiarity are so important.

At Oxford Aunts, we make it as straightforward as possible to organise a respite care service with us. One of our experienced and dedicated carers will look after your loved one and cover all the duties of their regular carer. This allows family carers to enjoy a break from their caregiving duties to rest, recharge and take care of other commitments.

Respite care can also be used as a form of temporary care following an accident, illness, or hospital discharge. Our respite service care can be put in place quickly – often within 48 hours if you need urgent support.

You can begin by getting in touch with our friendly and approachable team. They will be able to discuss your care needs and arrange for a free, no-obligation home assessment for you.

What does respite care include?

Our respite care service provides everything you need to lead a good quality of life. Our respite care service is for a minimum of two weeks and covers everything from companionship to specialist care for complex conditions, like dementia, multiple sclerosis or Parkinson’s.

Our respite care packages include:

  • A comprehensive assessment of all your practical, physical and emotional needs.
  • A highly tailored care plan created in consultation with family members and other healthcare professionals and community organisations involved in your care.
  • Careful matching of an experienced and dedicated respite carer that suits your lifestyle and personality.
  • Unrivalled support from a team of two care management experts local to you.
  • Support with domestic and household tasks.
  • Medication management and administration.
  • Cooking, meal planning, shopping and preparation.
  • Emergency support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

What does a respite carer do?

A respite carer provides temporary relief and support to family caregivers looking after their loved ones. An Oxford Aunts, respite care is provided on a live-in basis. An experienced carer will move into your home to provide your loved ones with round-the-clock care and support whilst you are afforded time away from your role of caring. A respite carer’s responsibilities include:

  • Support with your day-to-day needs such as bathing, dressing, and medication.
  • Help planning and preparing your favourite meals and snacks.
  • Companionship and emotional support, should you need it.
  • Ensuring your safety and well-being at all times.
  • Help safely mobilising in and around your home.
  • Medication management and administration.
  • Immediate support for any emergencies or unexpected situations that may arise.
  • Offering peace of mind to the primary caregiver, knowing their loved one is in capable hands.

The benefits of respite care

Receiving respite care in the comfort of home offers many compelling benefits for families:

  • Family carers can enjoy a much needed break from their caregiving duties so they can rest and recharge.
  • Respite care can be provided as convalescence care or rehabilitation following an illness, medical emergency or elected surgery.
  • Family carers can rely on a respite carer to look after their loved ones during a holiday or short break.
  • Respite care can be used to try live-in care for the first time to see how the arrangement works.
  • Respite bookings can be scheduled over a period of time allowing a family carer to proactively plan short breaks to rest and enjoy some time for themselves.

Emergency respite care

If you need emergency respite care, reach out to our friendly team. Our emergency respite care services provided by a trained and experienced carer can be put in place quickly – often within as little as 48 hours.

Following an accident, illness, or hospital discharge, you may need immediate support to recover and get back on your feet. Our emergency respite care service ensures you endure minimal disruptions to your lifestyle and routines whilst receiving one-to-one support from an experienced carer. Receive the peace of mind you need, when you need it most.

Cost of respite care

The cost of live-in respite care will depend on a thorough assessment of your needs. Discounts are offered for a series of respite services and for repeat bookings. Whilst live-in respite care is in line with that offered in a good care home, with live-in care you have all the countless benefits of staying in your beloved home – just as you always have.

Is there funding available for respite care?

While many families are often faced with self-funding their own care, it is worthwhile to find out if you are entitled to any additional funding or benefits which may help offset some of the costs of care.

  • NHS Continuing Healthcare: Depending on your care needs you may be entitled to healthcare funding. This is funding available from your Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG). Your eligibility will be determined by a care assessment, and although the requirements are not means-tested, the criteria can be lengthy and strict.
  • Social Care Funding: You may also be entitled to funding from your local authority. Unlike healthcare funding, social care funding is means-tested so you will have to undergo a financial assessment to determine if you will be responsible for contributing to your own care costs.
  • Local Authority Support: Even if you are not eligible for healthcare funding or social care funding you may still be entitled to support from your local council in the form of allowances, credits and discounts.

How to arrange respite care

At Oxford Aunts, we make it as straightforward as possible to organise a respite care service with us. You can begin by getting in touch with our friendly and approachable team. They will be able to discuss your care needs and arrange for a free, no-obligation home assessment for you.

During the home assessment, one of our expert care assessors will meet with you and your family to discuss your care needs. This will allow our care assessor to create a highly personalised plan of care that will ensure all your needs are met. Once you have approved the plan of care, we will confirm in writing the level of care we will provide and the weekly cost.

We will then work with you to find you the right carer who is experienced to meet not just your specific care needs but is aligned with your background, interests and values as well.

Once a care plan is in place, we continue to provide unrivalled levels of support to you, your family and our carer to ensure the highest standards of live-in care are delivered from day one. This may be for a one off period or for pre-arranged times that are booked by you and your loved ones.

Talk to us about your respite care needs

Call our friendly and approachable team today to see how we can help you and your family.


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