Case Study: Mrs S Dementia Care

At Oxford Aunts, our Live-in Carers look after clients with a range of conditions including dementia. Dementia care forms an integral part of Oxford Aunts’ service. 

Oxford Aunts were called upon to assess a lady, Mrs S, who had been self neglecting, sleeping all day and was living in a disorganised home. Her family felt that domiciliary hourly care was not enough for her needs and 24 hour care would most suit Mrs S’s circumstances. The family requested an assessment from Oxford Aunts. Mrs S was assessed and matched with an Oxford Aunt, who not only could deliver the high quality care she required but would also provide much needed companionship.  Mrs S was matched with Live-in Carer Cecilia and they quickly bonded over a shared sense of humour. Upon the 4 week review, Mrs S was washed, engaging in the world around her, her house was organised and she had gained weight she had previously lost. 

The change in Mrs S was significant and outstanding. Oxford Aunts have continued to support Mrs S for five months now and she enjoyed a very happy Christmas Day with her family and a relaxing Boxing Day with the Oxford Aunt who prepared the client’s favourite meal for them both, fillet of beef with all the trimmings. 

If you know someone whose circumstances have changed and now require live-in dementia care, please contact Oxford Aunts client services team today. 



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