Oxford Aunts Employee Awards 2023

Each year our employee and care worker awards take place to recognise and celebrate our teams across the business. It is a fantastic opportunity for anyone to nominate the people they feel are outstanding in their role and who demonstrate the company’s values. This year there were a variety of award categories in order to recognise teams as well as individuals and to celebrate the full range of skills within the business.

Congratulations to this year’s winners!

Anne Marie Johnson – Carer of the Year Award
Dominika Ossowska – Quality of Life Award
Sibongile Dlodlo and Jenny Umuganwa – Team of the Year Award
Parmjit Dulai – Manager of the Year Award
Vicki Daly – Rising Star Award
Fiona Campbell – Nurturing Talent Award
Helen Pigott – The Joy Maker Award

Kerri-Anne Jones, Head of Oxford Aunts shares:

“Over the last nine months of working at Oxford Aunts, I have been acutely aware of the wonderful work our team does every day to support our clients. I was fortunate enough to have the task of reading the beautiful nominations shared with us for our recognition awards this year.

These nominations showcased the extraordinary qualities of our workforce. Each story showed empathy, dedication and instances where a team member went above and beyond to make a meaningful impact on a client or colleague. Reading these stories highlighted the unwavering commitment of our team that really sets us apart.”

Huge congratulations to all of our winners!



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