At Oxford Aunts, we know it can be difficult to come to the realisation that an ageing parent or loved one needs extra support to continue living independently at home. We recognise that the process of choosing a dedicated carer to move into your home can be a daunting experience for many families.

As an established and reputable live-in care provider, we have been supporting families throughout Oxfordshire and its surrounding counties for over 50 years. Our high-quality live-in care service is focused on improving health, well-being and quality of life.

Through our expert home care services for the elderly, we have helped many people continue living safely and happily in the comfort of their own homes, whilst providing much-needed peace of mind for their families.

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Home care for the elderly is a form of support provided to ageing adults in their own homes. An experienced and dedicated carer will move into your home or visit you throughout the day to provide help with the everyday tasks of living, with as much independence, choice and dignity as possible.

Home care for the elderly allows people to continue living independently in their own homes, whilst always being able to count on an extra helping hand, should they need it. A live-in carer is there to reduce the burden of day-to-day tasks, including cooking, cleaning and driving you to any appointments you may have.

If you are living with a complex condition such as dementia or Parkinson’s, our elderly home care can provide you with the specialist support you need to manage your symptoms and live a fulfilled and purposeful life.

Private elderly care is typically funded by the care recipient or their family. There are other sources of funding available including healthcare funding and social care funding. You may also be entitled to some support from your local authority.


There are countless benefits to having a high-quality live-in care service when compared to moving into a care or nursing home or receiving hourly visiting care in your own home provided by a domiciliary care agency.

  • Care focused on you, as and when you need it – our carers provide a level of one-to-one dedication and support that is difficult to achieve in a care home setting.
  • Relief of the burden of domestic chores – a live-in carer will be happy to help you with some light household duties such as cleaning, shopping or laundry, giving you more time to do what you love.
  • Choice over how you lead your life – our care plans are flexible and are designed to meet not only your care needs but will also address your ​​preferences and lifestyle choices.
  • Complex care is best delivered at home – there is no place like home to receive specialist support for the management of complex conditions. This is especially true for people living with dementia that thrive on the familiar surroundings of home.
  • No need to leave your beloved home – moving into a care home means leaving behind your home and all its treasured possessions. With live-in care, your home can be kept in the family where it should be.
  • Stay together as a couple – live-in care is extremely cost-effective for couples that would normally be required to pay for two rooms in a care home.
  • Stay with your pets – it is unlikely that you will be able to take your pets into a care home with you. A live-in carer will be happy to support you in looking after your pets or taking your dog for a walk.
  • Stay part of your community – continuing to be part of the local community you love is important as we age. With live-in care, you can retain your place in the community amongst your friends and neighbours


Our elderly home care service is flexible and can be adapted to meet your care needs, should they change over time. Our fully-managed service is appropriate for a variety of situations, including:

  • When a person needs 24-hour live-in care because ageing and health limitations mean they need support and care around the clock to continue to have a good quality of life.
  • A respite service can be provided on a live-in basis following hospital discharge or for those needing rehabilitation or to recover from illness. We know how challenging it can be for a family carer supporting a loved one and sometimes a break is all that is needed to rest and recharge. Our respite service can give you the break you need whilst you can see whether 24-hour live-in care would work for you and your family.
  • Specialist care of complex conditions like dementia, Parkinson’s or cancer can be supported with live-in care on a one-to-one basis where there is more opportunity for high-quality care to be provided.
  • If you need end-of-life care, this can also be provided as a live-in care service in the comfort of your home, negating the need to move into a residential setting or a hospice. Our carers make sure a person’s health needs are met whilst ensuring they have all their wishes, choices and preferences met.
  • Care for couples, so they can stay together as a loving couple with the personalised support they need.


Oxford Aunts is an established and reputable care provider located in the heart of Oxford. Our fully-managed live-in care service has helped many people to stay safely and happily in the comfort of their own homes, whilst continuing to live with freedom and choice. Our high-quality live-in care is focused on improving health, well-being and quality of life.

Our dedicated carers are the heart of our organisation and many of them have worked for Oxford Aunts for many years. All our carers have previous care experience before they join us and we provide them with comprehensive training before they come and care for you. All our live-in carers are experienced in the care of complex conditions so you can be assured that care is highly personalised to your specific needs.

We are proud to have been rated ‘Good’ by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) in all five measures – safe, caring, effective, responsive and well-led. We know this provides families with peace and mind that their loved one is receiving high-quality care.

There are countless life-enriching benefits to staying at home with a highly-trained and experienced carer who is dedicated to you, instead of facing the upset and worry of moving into a care or nursing home. With an Oxford Aunts carer, you will be able to live life your way with a tailored plan of care delivered by a compassionate carer on a one-to-one basis.


  • A comprehensive assessment of your needs – our assessment will address not just your care needs but how you wish to live your life.
  • Careful matching of an experienced and dedicated carer who will meet all your needs.
  • A highly-tailored care plan created using a multidisciplinary approach in consultation with other healthcare professionals and community organisations involved in your care, as well as (where appropriate) your family members or loved ones.
  • Unrivalled support from a team of two care management experts local to you.
  • Domestic and household tasks.
  • Cooking, meal planning, shopping and preparation.
  • 24-hours a day, out-of-hours emergency support should you need it.


The costs of live-in care are comparable to those of a good care home. If you are receiving visiting care from a domiciliary care agency, depending on the number of hours you need, live-in care could be considerably cheaper overall. As needs increase, the hours you need will also increase and when overnight care is needed too, live-in care can be very cost-effective.

Live-in care also has the added benefit of continuity from a dedicated carer who really gets to know you. If you have a complex condition and require special care, a domiciliary care agency may charge additional costs for specialist support in addition to the visiting carer fee. With Oxford Aunts, everything is included in your weekly cost of care and there are no additional or hidden fees.

If you are a couple, there are far-reaching cost benefits of choosing a live-in care service. A move into a care home would mean you would have to pay for two packages of care, and they will make a charge for each bedroom. With live-in care, there is only one weekly fee for providing care at one address.


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