Receiving high-quality care at home allows older people and those with physical challenges to receive the assistance they need with their personal care routines such as washing, bathing or dressing. Our personal care is delivered by a compassionate carer on a one-to-one basis with as much sensitivity, dignity and independence as possible.

At Oxford Aunts, we are an established and reputable live-in care provider. We provide professional and discreet care delivered by home care experts. Our personal care services allow people to look and feel good whilst maintaining their independence in the comfort and familiarity of their own homes.

Our reputation is built on high standards of care, local expertise and an approach to care delivery that is trusted by families throughout our community and beyond.


Personal care is a broad term that involves any care that is personal to you such as private hygiene, grooming or toileting. 

Many people of the older generation or those who have a physical disability find they cannot maintain their usual personal routines without some extra support. Home care is when a professional carer moves in with you or visits you at home to provide you with support with your personal care routines. 

There are also clinical interventions that can fall under personal care such as changing and maintaining a catheter or stoma bag.

Our care at home can include support with any of the following daily personal living tasks: 

  • Dressing, undressing and getting ready for bed
  • Assistance with toileting
  • Oral hygiene
  • Hair care and shaving
  • Skincare and makeup
  • Foot care
  • Applying creams and lotions
  • Assistance with incontinence issues


Personal routines can be quite demanding, especially if someone is facing mobility concerns or is quite frail. This is a cause for concern since our personal routines are often vital for confidence and overall well-being. Maintaining good hygiene and personal care can reduce the risk of infections and illness and prevent pre-existing conditions from getting worse. 

People with mobility concerns may find it difficult to perform certain personal tasks such as entering the bath or shower. The bathroom is an inherently dangerous place where slips and falls are common, and this can lead to fear or a lack of confidence in people with frailty or mobility concerns. Personal care delivered by a highly trained home carer can boost your loved one’s confidence whilst maintaining their independence.

For those living with conditions that can affect mobility, such as multiple sclerosis or motor neurone disease, you may need continued assistance with personal care that keeps you looking and feeling your best. With a one-to-one live-in carer, you can continue to live an independent lifestyle with the unwavering support of a specially trained carer.

People living with dementia or progressive memory loss may not always remember their personal routines or they may find it difficult to accept help with washing and bathing. Our carers are experienced and trained in specialist dementia care which can provide the assistance your loved one needs to keep them comfortable at home.


Personal care is an integral part of the highly-personalised live-in care service we provide. Our expert home care services can be provided on an hourly care or live-in care basis. With visiting care, a professional carer will visit you throughout the week or even overnight to provide you with the assistance you need.

If you have ongoing care needs, live-in care may be the more suitable option. Personal care is just one of the many duties our live-in carers can provide. By moving into your home, our carers can really get to know your individual needs and personal care routines to provide routine, familiarity and comfort.

For instance, our carers will know whether you like to wash before having breakfast or whether you prefer a bath before going to bed. It is hard to enjoy this level of highly-personalised and one-to-one support from the likes of a care home, which is why home care is often a preferred option.

If you require specialist care for clinical interventions such as stoma care or changing and maintaining a catheter, our carers can provide the support you need whilst always putting your dignity and comfort first.


We know how important personal care is for many people. Maintaining your hair or nails, or other personal aspects just the way you like them can do wonders for building confidence and self-esteem.

Our carers will work with you to make sure you feel tip-top every day. Like all forms of our care, our expert carers will provide personal care that is completely tailored to your unique needs and preferences. We deliver one-to-one care with sensitivity and dignity so that you or a loved one can enjoy a better quality of life. 

Our expert care is offered on a live-in basis. By moving into your home with you, our experienced live-in carers will be there to provide you with the one-to-one support you need to enable you to live safely and happily in the comfort of your own home. 

There are countless life-enriching benefits to staying at home with a highly-trained and experienced carer who is dedicated to you, instead of facing the potential upset and worry of moving into a care or nursing home. With an Oxford Aunts carer, you will be able to live life your way with a tailored plan of care delivered by a compassionate carer on a one-to-one basis.


  • A comprehensive assessment of your needs that addresess not just your care needs but also your wises and preferences
  • Careful matching of an experienced and dedicated carer 
  • A highly tailored care plan created using a multidisciplinary approach 
  • Unrivalled support from a team of two care management experts local to you
  • Domestic and household tasks
  • Cooking, meal planning, shopping and preparation
  • 24-hours emergency support, should you need it 


Through our years of experience in helping families plan for the cost of care, we know that costs are an important consideration for many families. We are here to help you better understand how you can evaluate the costs of care.

The cost of care is always based on your specific care needs. The weekly cost of personal care can vary significantly depending on many factors including the type of care chosen, the needs of the person receiving care and whether the person has any complex conditions that require specialist care.

Our expert Care Assessor will visit you at one or in hospital to determine the weekly cost of care by conducting a thorough assessment of your needs. Our price is all-inclusive meaning you won’t be suprised with any hidden extras or fees. 

Here you can find out more about how to arrange an assessment.


Our expert care advisors are here to help you understand the options available to you. Call us today or complete one of our contact forms so that we can help you with your personal care needs.

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