Elderly befriending service

Our elderly befriending service is a form of live-in care that provides elderly people with round-the-clock companionship and support in the comfort of their own homes. Our compassionate carers offer not only practical assistance but also emotional companionship, ensuring your loved ones feel valued, connected, and cared for.

We have provided care services throughout Oxfordshire and its surrounding counties for over 50 years. With our extensive experience and dedication to excellence, we have earned a reputation for delivering high-quality care that meets the unique needs of each individual client.

Whether your loved one requires assistance with daily activities, companionship, or specialised care for medical conditions, we are here to provide compassionate companionship that enhances their overall well-being

What is a befriending service?

Our befriending service is a compassionate care solution that provides elderly individuals with round-the-clock companionship and support within the familiar surroundings of their own homes. Our dedicated carers move into a client’s home to offer not only practical assistance with daily tasks but also emotional companionship and social interaction, helping to alleviate feelings of loneliness and isolation.

Unlike traditional care services that may involve periodic visits, live-in care ensures that your loved ones have continuous access to the care and companionship they need, promoting independence, dignity, and a high quality of life.

Why is loneliness so dangerous?

Loneliness among the elderly can have profound effects on both their physical and mental well-being. Social isolation has been linked to increased rates of depression, anxiety, and cognitive decline in seniors. Furthermore, loneliness can contribute to the development of chronic conditions such as cardiovascular disease and hypertension.

Older people who experience loneliness may also be more prone to neglecting their self-care and medical needs, leading to poorer overall health outcomes. Addressing loneliness and fostering meaningful social connections is crucial for promoting the health, happiness, and longevity of the elderly population.

Who are befriending services for?

Home care services like befriending services are designed for elderly individuals who may be experiencing social isolation or loneliness, whether due to living alone, limited mobility, or other circumstances.

Our services are also tailored for older adults who require assistance with daily activities but wish to remain in the comfort and familiarity of their own homes. Additionally, befriending services can benefit elderly individuals who may have limited family support or who simply desire companionship and social interaction to enhance their quality of life.

Ultimately, our befriending services are for any elderly person who could benefit from compassionate care, companionship, and support tailored to their individual needs and preferences.

How can your loved ones benefit?

Our befriending services, or live-in care, offer numerous benefits for your loved ones:

  • Companionship and emotional support: Our caregivers provide constant companionship and emotional support, alleviating feelings of loneliness and isolation.
  • Personalised care: We tailor our services to meet the unique needs and preferences of each individual client, ensuring personalised care that promotes independence and dignity.
  • Support with daily activities: From meal preparation and medication reminders to help with grooming and mobility, our caregivers assist with a range of daily activities to promote comfort and well-being.
  • Enhanced safety and security: With a caregiver present around the clock, your loved ones can feel safer and more secure in their own home, reducing the risk of accidents or emergencies.
  • Improved quality of life: Our befriending services, which provide practical assistance, emotional support, and social interaction, contribute to a higher quality of life for your loved ones, enabling them to live more comfortably and happily in their own homes.

Overall, our befriending services are designed to enhance the well-being and quality of life of elderly individuals, providing them with the support and companionship they need to thrive at home.
How does live-in care work?

How does live-in care work?

In our live-in care service, two carers work on two-week rotas to provide round-the-clock support and companionship for your loved ones. This arrangement ensures that there is always a caregiver present in the home, offering continuous care and assistance as needed.

During their shifts, our carers assist with various daily activities such as meal preparation, medication reminders, personal care, and mobility support. They also provide emotional companionship, engage in meaningful conversations, and participate in activities that promote social interaction and mental stimulation.

With live-in care, your loved ones can remain in the comfort and familiarity of their own home while receiving personalised care and support tailored to their individual needs. This arrangement not only ensures their safety and well-being but also allows them to maintain their independence and dignity.

Our elderly befriending services include:

  • Thorough needs assessment: We assess not just your care needs but also your lifestyle preferences.
  • Caregiver matching: Experienced and dedicated carers are carefully selected to meet all your needs.
  • Customised care planning: Your care plan is tailored with input from healthcare professionals, community organisations, and family members.
  • Local care management support: You receive dedicated support from two local care management experts.
  • Domestic assistance: We assist with household tasks to ensure your environment remains comfortable.
  • Nutritional support: Meal planning, shopping, and preparation are provided to meet your dietary needs.

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