What is Reablement Care?

After a fall, injury or illness there really is no place like home to recover and get back on your feet. Reablement care is a type of short-term care that allows people to recover in the safety and comfort of their own homes as they regain their independence.  Although reablement care shares many aspects with other forms of care, it uniquely focuses on goal setting. 

Oxford Aunts is an established and reputable provider of a range of in-home care services. This includes bespoke and high-quality reablement care provided on a live-in or hourly basis. Our competent and compassionate reablement carers can help you regain the confidence, abilities and daily living skills you need to live independently and return to normality.  

On top of providing practical support with day-to-day life, our reablement carers will work with you and your healthcare team to establish achievable goals in your recovery. These goals will focus on the daily life skills you’d like to regain or improve such as getting dressed, preparing your own meals or getting up and down the stairs safely. 

Our reablement carers provide support and encouragement as you rebuild the life skills that may have been lost during your injury or illness. They are also there to provide an immediate response should you ever need help.

What Does Reablement Care Involve?

At Oxford Aunts, we tailor our reablement care plans to the unique needs of the people we support. We will complete a comprehensive assessment of your needs and current capabilities and then work together to set achievable goals in terms of the daily activities and life skills you’d like to focus on. You will be completely involved in this process and work with our team on creating your reablement plan. 

At first, our reablement carers will take an active role in providing support. As you regain your confidence and independence, they will step back and provide support only when it is requested or needed. We know from experience this approach improves both the physical progress and mental health of our clients as they can witness first-hand all the progress they are making. 

Our reablement care plans are flexible and actively monitored to ensure they are always producing positive outcomes and meeting our shared goals.

What are the Benefits of Reablement Care?

There are many benefits to receiving reablement care in the safety and comfort of your own home, including: 

  • A level of one-to-one, dedicated care that is difficult to rival by hospitals or even the best care home settings. 
  • Consistent care leads to improved health outcomes and fewer hospital readmissions. 
  • The comfort and security of recovering in your own familiar surroundings.
  • Enjoy relief from the burden of domestic chores as you recover. 
  • A fall management plan ensures you can safely move around your home during your rehabilitation.
  • Less stress, worry and vulnerability as someone will always be there to look after your needs. 
  • Consistent companionship and emotional support, just when you need it most. 
  • Reablement care provides reassurance and peace of mind for families. Friends and family can focus on being a source of companionship and emotional support rather than worrying about practical care needs.

Who is Eligible for Free Reablement Care?

In many regions of the UK, the NHS offers up to 6 weeks of free reablement care for those that need it. 

If you have been in the hospital, help and support should be arranged before you go home. Hospital staff should contact social services to arrange a discharge assessment. This is so they can determine the type of support you will need after you get home.

Unfortunately, a hospital admission is not always enough to be eligible for a free reablement service. If you or someone you love has been admitted to the hospital, it is important to raise the topic of reablement with hospital staff early. They can provide further information about reablement care and let you know if you are eligible.

If you have been discharged from the hospital and care has not been arranged, contact your local Adult Care Services

Your local council may also be able to provide some form of free or subsidised reablement care at home. Speak to your GP or other healthcare professionals to learn about the services available in your area and how you can access them.  

What Happens After Reablement Care Ends?

After your period of reablement comes to an end, you and your care team will assess whether you still need further support to continue living safely and independently at home. During this assessment, your care team will provide impartial support and guidance on your progress and what to do if you feel you need more support in the future. 

At Oxford Aunts, the reablement care we provide is flexible and can always be adapted as your care needs change. If you feel that you could benefit from ongoing care and support, we can work with you to put a live-in or hourly care service in place with minimal disruption to your life. 

If it is decided that you need ongoing care and support to continue living independently, know that there is funding available that may help you cover some or all of the costs of your care.

Reablement Care at Home

If you need a helping hand to get back on your feet after a fall, injury or hospital stay, you do not need to recover alone. 

For over 50 years, Oxford Aunts has been trusted by families throughout our community and beyond to provide bespoke and high-quality live-in care and hourly care at home. This includes individualised reablement care that enables people to regain their confidence and independence in the safety and comfort of home. 

Oxford Aunts is not an agency – we are a fully-managed and regulated service provider. This means that we fully manage every aspect of your care including hiring, paying and managing your carers. 

We are regulated by the Care Quality Commission and have achieved a ‘Good’ rating in all five categories – caring, safe, effective, well-led and responsive. We know this provides reassurance and peace of mind for families that their loved ones are receiving the best possible care. 

Contact our friendly team to arrange for a no-obligation home assessment. One of our expert care assessors will meet with you either at your home or in the hospital if you are awaiting discharge to discuss your care needs and provide impartial guidance. 


ur expert care advisors are here to help you understand the options available to you. To learn more about our dementia care, complete our simple online form below or call us on.

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