Domiciliary care provides people of all ages and walks of life with dedicated, one-to-one support in the place they love most – their own home.

For over 50 years, Oxford Aunts has provided care services throughout Oxfordshire and its surrounding counties. We are proud of the quality live-in care we have provided to thousands of families since 1967 and have now expand our services to provide domiciliary care at home.

Whether it’s through our round-the-clock live-in care or our new domiciliary care services, we enable people to continue living happily and independently in their own homes. Our experienced carers would love to get to know you and provide you with our highly-personalised care designed to enhance your independence, well-being and quality of life.

What Is Domiciliary Care?

Domiciliary care is provided to people that need extra support with day-to-day tasks, personal care or any other activity that allows them to continue to live with freedom and choice in their own homes.

One of our experienced and dedicated carers will visit you at home to provide you with one-to-one personal attention and support. This could include planning and preparing nutritious meals, completing domestic tasks around the home or simply providing companionship and emotional support, should you ever need it.

We will provide domiciliary care from a minimum of a 60-minute visit a day to as many hours or visits as you need throughout the week. Many clients will have a domiciliary carer come to support them at home two or three times a week whilst others will choose to receive support every day of the week. All the care services we provide are flexible enough to ensure you have the care you need, as and when you need it.

Our Domiciliary Care At Home Includes:

  • Sensitive personal care
  • Domestic, household and administrative tasks
  • Safe mobility support both at home and outside
  • Compassionate companionship and emotional support
  • Socialisation and community engagement
  • Medication management and administration
  • Ensuring and supporting a safe discharge back home from the hospital
  • Food – planning meals, preparing and cooking food
  • Pet care

Domiciliary Care Benefits

We know from our many years of experience that families prefer for their loved ones to stay in the safety and comfort of their own homes to receive the care they need. Receiving support at home has many compelling benefits over moving into a care home or being cared for in a specialist setting.

Here are some of the benefits of receiving care at home, as opposed to moving away:

  • One-to-one care and support from an established team of the regular carers
  • Familiar surroundings which provide comfort and reassurance, for those living with complex needs
  • You can live life as you wish without having to adhere to a programme of daily routines, which is common in most care homes
  • The family home remains in the family, instead of having to sell it to fund care home fees
  • Families have much-needed peace of mind with domiciliary care in place, as their loved one is safe and comfortable in their own home
  • Domiciliary home care is perfect for couples, as it means they can stay together and not be separated. In a care home, a couple moving in may be cared for in different parts of the home, and almost certainly they would have separate bedrooms, as double rooms are a rarity in residential homes
  • Keep a beloved pet – pets are generally not allowed in care homes, or other specialist settings
  • Your home is full of treasured memories that you may not wish to be detached from, as well as possessions you are attached to, which are just not practicable to take into another setting
  • When comparing the cost of domiciliary care at home to becoming a resident in a care home, domiciliary care proves to be very cost effective.

Why Choose Oxford Aunts For Domiciliary Care?

Exceptional Service And Quality Of Care

Oxford Aunts is a fully regulated care service provider. This means the quality of our care is regulated by The Care Quality Commission (CQC), the regulator for health and social care in England. We are delighted that our service has been rated by CQC as a ‘Good’ service in all five measures – safe, caring, effective, responsive and well-led. We know this provides families with peace of mind that their loved one is receiving the best possible care.

Experienced, Dedicated Carers

All our carers have previous experience in care work, as we know this means they have the aptitude to deliver the high-quality care service we are renowned for. We are proud that a number of our dedicated care team have been working for us for many years. This enables us to understand their expertise, skills and personalities, which delivers a more effective matching process.

Once a carer comes to live with you or visit you at home, we strive to keep the same carer with you throughout the entire process. This means they will truly get to know you and understand your overall needs and how you wish to live your life, whilst offering deep-rooted companionship and continuity of care.

Experts In The Care Of Complex Conditions

We are experts in caring for people living with a range of complex conditions. This includes support for dementia, Parkinson’s and multiple sclerosis (MS) or for those recovering from a stroke, needing cancer care, respiratory care, palliative care and end-of-life care.

Our approach to matching our carers with our clients means the carer we place with you will have been trained in the specific condition you are living with. We work closely with local healthcare professionals to support and facilitate a multidisciplinary approach to care, so you have the specific care you need, as and when you need it.

The Costs Of Domiciliary Care

Our domiciliary care costs are subject to a full assessment of your loved one’s needs. It is worth considering that receiving domiciliary care is comparable to the care offered in a quality care home. With domiciliary care, you can avoid the upheaval of moving into a care home whilst receiving all the compelling benefits of staying in the comfort, familiarity and safety of your own home.

How To Arrange For Domiciliary Care At Home

At Oxford Aunts, we make it easy to arrange for care services.

Call our friendly team to book a no-obligation care assessment. Our expert Care Assessor will meet with you and your family at a convenient time, either at your home or in the hospital if you are awaiting discharge, to discuss your care needs.

This will allow our Care Assessor to create a highly-personalised plan of care that will ensure all your needs are met. They will also provide a comprehensive and transparent assessment of the costs of your domiciliary care.

As soon as you confirm that you would like to proceed, we will match you with a carer that can meet not just your specific care needs, but is aligned with your background, interests and values.

Our support doesn’t stop after your care services begin. We continue to provide unrivalled levels of support to you, your family and our carer to ensure the highest standards of care are delivered from day one.


Our expert care advisors are here to help you understand the options available to you.

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