Qualities and Requirements of a Live-In Carer with Oxford Aunts Care

Essential qualities and requirements of a live-in carer

Being a live-in carer is a very important role and, as well as professional qualifications, it requires personal resilience and a positive attitude. Below is a person specification checklist of personal qualities and experience required for the role:

  • Eligibility to work in the UK 
  • At least Level Two care skill experience 
  • Good command of spoken and written English 
  • Good family cooking skills 
  • Ability to run a home and keep it clean 
  • Sufficient dexterity to undertake all other household tasks, e.g. removing small bottle tops or opening cans etc. 
  • Sufficient stamina to cope with the client’s normal daily routines 
  • Physically fit, including the ability to carry shopping bags from local shops, carry meal trays up and down stairs and generally manoeuvre in restricted and awkward home situations 
  • Mentally fit, including the ability to work alone and unsupervised in isolated assignments 
  • Good personal hygiene and a tidy and appropriate dress sense 
  • Effective communication, observation and reporting skills 
  • An appreciation of people with care needs and the capacity to value them as individuals 
  • Ability to understand and work with people from a range of cultural and social backgrounds and to recognise their values, practices and customs may be different from your own 
  • Ability to fit in and respect the chosen lifestyle and homes of people with care needs and to respect their right to maintain choice, dignity, privacy and independence in their lives 
  • Kind, caring and sensitive approach with a demeanour suitable for our clients 
  • Capacity to empathise with the effects generated by loss of ability and function whilst maximising the physical and mental potential of clients 
  • Honest, reliable and trustworthy 
  • Organised, flexible and resilient with a sense of humour 
  • Ability to work on own initiative and to remain calm in difficult situations 
  • Willingness to undertake training to increase or update skills 
  • Ability to recognise personal limitations and take action to prevent deterioration in working performance or escalation to a crisis situation.

Additional requirements for Level Three 

  • Previous care experience and manual handling training and experience 
  • Certificates in care work and manual handling are desirable 

Additional requirements for Level Four

  • Previous paid care work and manual handling training experience 
  • Previous experience in caring for the elderly mentally infirm 
  • Certificates in care work and manual handling or a nursing background are desirable. 

“They consider our skills and ask us our preferences before matching us”